Almost 8 billion!!!

“Cancer is nothing more than a healthy cell that starts replicating out of control.” ― Dan Brown, Inferno

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Don’t want to talk about politics
Don’t preach or talk about politics
Don’t let me talk about politics
Don’t give a shit about politics – Politics, KORN

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Dear Manchester

3 weeks in Manchester, so far so good.

I have done a little of everything, went out to see some football fans by the stadiums, and see how is the environment, went to night clubs for freelance works, received ridiculous contract to work as a night photographer – didn’t accept of course – made videos of the fans in the exciting Manchester Derby.

First things first.
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Attention…. atención… Achtung….

Hello zensies. Here Ana, I have some sad news to share with you.

We have no internet at home anymore… the person who moved out and let us the home to rent *to let (in British)* finally requested the change of his internet service 😦

So, I will be sharing less here and in Instagram..

Sadly, here in UK as in Germany you are supposed to make an appointment in the bank to open an account *I miss Mexico*….

So we finally have one, until next Friday 😦

So the internet at home will have to be after the 15th of this month…

Keep it real, keep it kind and be zensational 🙂

This pic is from our last snow in Hamburg.


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