Guilty pleasures

Guilty as charged

Today I am opening to you people, previously I shared with you a list of things I don’t like at all, now I am sharing my guilty pleasures, because, we all have them.

So, please don’t judge me, because remember I’m not judging you…

1. Hanson… yes I love them, since Mmmmbop became a 90’s hit. I even went to a concert here in Mexico, my dad took me by the way, since mom was working. Good bonding time jajaja, I still remember my dad’s face.
2. N’sync, yes again, but here I will add to 5ive (British accent, sigh!), and Westlife.

3. Girly movies, my favorite right now is Chalet girl, babes!

That leads us to tv shows, I have so many!
4. Felicity
5. Dawson’s creek
6. Gilmore Girls
7. The O.C.
8. First seasons of America’s Next Top Model

Back to the movies
9. Sharknado… well I admit it!, all shark movies, no matter how insane and stupid they might be
10. Keeping up with … nop no the reality tv show, but all the gossips from Hollywood, this I do it, by surfing in the gossips webpages such as TMZ, E news, Yahoo… jajaja
11. Enjoy when mom and dad give me money!!!!!! or my grandma!!! jaja yes I’m 31, and sadly is not that often anymore….
12. I do like some old Mexican Movies 😛
13. Give a piece of an advice that I did not follow…

So those are some of my guilty pleasures, but I think that’s enough for today!!

Enjoy your day and remember to end it with your favorite guilty pleasure (as long as it’s not illegal)

Ana Baltazar

La Maquina

La Maquina (The Machine) , is one of the main Mexican football team Cruz Azul’s nickname. I had no idea why they had that name, I confess I even thought the nickname was because they were in times such a great team, that the name stuck. Well, I was wrong, but first things first, the name Cruz Azul came from the Cemento Cruz Azul giant, the main cement company in the Country. La Maquina, is the name of the train that used to transport the cement to different cities across Mexico, and people started calling Cruz Azul(the team) La Maquina, because in the 70’s they used to play an extremely offensive type of football and was often known for crushing other teams. Continue reading “La Maquina”

How people give a fuck about other people

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. – Somebody

So life has tested my patience many times, in front of the house there is a “food bussiness”and the people who own it, believe that since they have “money and influences” they can do whatever they want.

They get early in the morning giving a fuck about other people sleeping, and start doing noise, they put their music so high, the people who come to eat there, they park in front of other peoples car’s entrance, and they get upset, and the clients insult the neighbors, and of course the owners give more fucks regarding this.

There are a few of them that after working hours start drinking on the street, making noise, and fighting, the sad thing is that cops give a fuck also, because apparently one of them is the son of a woman police.

I’m really upset, because I could not care less about their life, their business, but come on, you have to respect other people’s life, you can’t not care about others, that shows education, kindness!!!

That is not zen at all. That is the things I will not miss from home, the sad part is my family has to deal with that. I just hope that one day they realize about their lack of empathy towards the rest.


Ana Baltazar

The ingredients? Some wine and lots of love.

So, these last days, Ana and I, have been cooking together a lot, since usually would be her mom doing the cooking, now that she is home, we are taking the time to try new stuffs. We have tried a few different foods for the first time. Chicken with orange sauce, a few days ago we made an amazing experience with a burrito bowl, nham nham, today it was something easier since it was some meatballs. Continue reading “The ingredients? Some wine and lots of love.”

The more I learn about people, the more I love my dogs

One of my all time favourite hip-hop artists, The Notorious B.I.G. may he rest in peace, made a song named – Ten Crack Commandments, in that song the 7th commandment was:

“Keep your family and business completely separated.”

Well that can be used regarding friends also, in some way. I have always been a person who trusts people too much on others, even the person who approaches me on the street, with some conversation, I just never get suspicious. I learned the worst way that you should keep friends and business separated or at least I should learn how to read the signs. What signs? There are signs all over, starting from punctuality, responsibility with the small stuffs, commitment, those are a few things you can detect in a friend, based on those you decide if you can trust them with business stuffs. It doesn’t matter if they are your closest friend or not, if they are not responsible with other people work, or with the small things in your friendship, like returning a book they took from your place, and said they would give it back in 2 weeks, what makes you think they can return the money you lend them or trust them with a job and that they will deliver it in time.

I have had recently a bad experience, with a “friend”, that ended up being not even worth to be a photo colleague, I mean she stopped answering my phone, mails, messages and even started telling lies to everyone who I dare to ask about her whereabouts, all to a job she was supposed to do and never delivered. It’s been 7 months now, not even a word from her,  I am a person who not only believes but also gives more than one opportunity to people, after all this time I have accepted that she has no respect towards our friendship. This is the last bad experience I have had with people I used to consider a friend.

All these bad situations have been lessons for me, now I realize that I need to pay more attention to those little details in order to not get hurt, since I am aware that my nature is to trust others and that is something I am proud of and if somebody needs to feel bad, it should be the ones who abuse my trust.

At the end I am in peace now and as this blog implies I do believe in Karma.

Edino Tavares Moniz



Ana’s first week home was really different in a positive good way. This weekend we didn’t do much, we spent time with the family, on Friday we woke up early to go out with mom, aunts Lulu and Eloisa and the dogs to walk out near a nice “park”.
It had been a really long time since we had done that, specially since Ana always left early for work and Saturdays was the only day we could actually wake up a little bit later than 5 A.M..
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