The 9 things I have learned from my beagle.

Lula is our 7 year old female beagle, and since I first came to her life, she accepted me as part of her herd. Let me tell you we have 3 dogs and i have learned a lot from them, but today I am going to tell you a few stuffs I have learned from Lula The Beagle. Watching her and spending time with her, has led me to realize we as humans have a lot to learn from any dog.

Here are 9 things I learned from Lula:

1 – Go after what I want;

For Lula, it’s a rat, a cat, a squirrel on the woods or just standing next to the biscuit bag waiting for you to pass her one.

2 – Attitude;

She has the boss attitude no matter what.

3 – Persistence;

Every day after she eats, she just stands and waits to see if Hobbit leaves any of his food, so she can finish it. Yes that’s every single day, 3 times a day.

4 – Loyalty;

She is loyal to her herd, human or dog, she knows who loves her and she loves them back, even though she only follows her nose.

5 – Acceptance;

She accepted Hobbit and me as part of the family, and also those who are loved by us. And if she doesn’t like someone… well we trust her instincts.

6 – Not to worry about stuffs that don’t matter;

The only thing she is worried about, is the time to eat.

7 – Enjoy the little things;

Spending time with us, licking Hobbit, laying on the sun or in the bed, going out for a walk, getting her belly rubbed, those are pretty much stuffs she would gladly do all day long.

8 – Discipline;

It’s not like she is the master of behavior, not that kind of discipline. The discipline am talking about is, waking up really early for her morning walk, at 9 she knows its time for breakfast, she eats and then goes for the nap, she barks when it’s time for us to pass her to the front part of the house where she can get a better sun bath, exactly at 2:30 P.M. she is waiting by the door, because she knows it’s time for lunch.

9 – Leadership;

When she goes out to walk, she leads the way, and when her dog brothers, Dingo and Hobbit “misbehave”, she reprehends them with a little bite or by grunting.

Her excessive determination and persistence it’s what causes her to be very stubborn, if she feels like doing it she will, she follows her heart and nose. To accomplish my dreams I have to do that, follow my heart, be stubborn, don’t give up easily, be disciplined have great attitude and be loyal to myself and the ones i love, never forgetting I have to enjoy the little things in live and not worrying about stuffs that don’t matter.

Edino Moniz

“Hounds follow those who feed them.” – Otto von Bismarck, 1st Chancellor of Germany


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