I know who is your true love

Today I’ve decided to write about one of the most searched subject in the world, L O V E.

Love is what everybody wants, is what matters at the end of your days, life will ask you did you love?, and maybe you will ask yourself was I loved?….. I hope that once you are done reading this you can yell the name of the love of your life.

In fact, I dare you to scream I Love You….. and to never let another day without reminding to that person how much is loved and worth.

Now, I won’t tell you what is Love because, I can’t, nobody can, you must feel it, and let it speak in its many unique ways.

Tv series, movies, books, short novels, magazines, advertisement have love in them. It’s everything in our life telling us that there is a true love outhere for each one of us, and if we are lucky we will have a happily ever after with that person.

Well that’s not true, people stop wasting your time. I mean don’t take me wrong, I do feel blessed to have found the partner of my life, but I did not find him until I understood one of the biggest lessons life has given me about the true love. Once I understood that my true love is myself was when life gave me the chance to meet Edino.

When I understood that I’m my true love, it is that I started to understand what it really matters in life, it’s not the job you have, the car you drive, the house you live in, it’s about how much you love yourself and therefore how much you love the people around you.

There was a time (a long time) I forgot about myself, I  mean I cheated on me because of someone else, because I “loved” (now I know that’s not love) the wrong person more than I loved myself, I mean it was that person first, then him, and I think not even at the end it was me. It took a lot of personal growth to accept my mistakes, and the hardest part was to forgive myself.

So, I encourage you to stop, and to tell yourself I love me, and make a list of all the good things you have, and also embrace the bad things, and work on them. Because, people come and go, but you always remain there, and once you love yourself for real, you will never experience loneliness never again, you are your partner in this life, and it’s you only you who can bring you down. So don’t let others misstreat you. Love yourself, and the rest will come.

Ana Baltazar

“The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.”
Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free


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