Live before you philosophize

As you know I’m not Mexican, don’t let my looks confuse you. Here is a picture of me on the top of the Sun pyramid to prove how Mexican I look like.

05 - BeautifullMexico (2 de 8)

Before I met Ana, I had in my mind to visit Teotihuacan, because of all the conspiracy theories i used to believe in (subject for another post). However, as a foreigner who did not have an idea of the real Mexico I let Hollywood define my idea of Mexico, that old picture of men with big mustache and a really big Mexican sombrero, sitting in a desert by the shadow of a Maguey, while people on the background, dressed as drug lords and their body guards kidnapped, rapped, and shot the people around them, well I am exaggerating but you get the picture.

So, when I met Ana, and we had the opportunity to be in Rio de Janeiro, Boston and New York, she told me all the time – “It’s really hard for me to get impressed by any monuments or human constructions”. Back then I didn’t really understand what she meant, until I came to Mexico.

Once I got here, I was amused by how Mexico really is, its beaches, cities, people, food (so delicious), organization, etc. Ana’s dad, el señor Francisco took us to Teotihuacan – The City of the Gods, in my first weekend here, and I can’t express with words the experience i got from that place, what I can tell you is that I have gone 3 times so far, during my first time there I started realizing why she did not get surprised by the foreign architecture.
Mexico has a lot of history, just the pre-hispanic covers a lot of cultures (Aztecs, Mayas, Mixtecos, etc), and every culture has its architecture, work system, gastronomy. Mexico is so rich that when you go to another country you just realize that not all of them had that cultural wealth and diversities.

05 - BeautifullMexico (3 de 8)

What I want you to know, is that Mexico is not the place we see on TV, of course it has its critical situation regarding politics and the drug traffic, but above all that it has really warm and welcoming people towards foreigners no matter what race you are or where you are from. The gastronomy is amazing but that’s subject for another post.

If you ever have the chance to come to Mexico, do your research, don’t panic and enjoy your stay. It will be an amazing experience, I promise.

Well now, let me go get some tamales 🙂


05 - BeautifullMexico (4 de 8)
Palacio de Bellas Artes.
05 - BeautifullMexico (5 de 8)
Palacio de Bellas Artes

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  1. Great read! Coming from a person that was born in a small islands of Cape Verde, lived in 3 different continents so far, I’ve learned not to perpetuate places, people nor cultures base on what the mainstream media has fed me. I’m deeply curious as to what Mexico and their people have to offer, tell and show. After this read the urgency of satisfying such curiosity has grown exponentially.


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