Lovers are lunatics

The few hours I spend with you are worth the thousand hours I spend without you.

Any relationship takes hard work, so if you add distance it starts to get more complicated, however, the distance might be unimportant (such as commuting 1h in a subway), or in another city in your country (here it starts to be challenging).

What about, 7,680 Kilometer, according to the internet that’s the distance between Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro. Holy shit!!! *remember that Ana curses a lot*.

Trust me I did not plan to fall in love with Edino, it just happened, since the moment I said Hola. We did not start a boyfriend-grilfriend relationship immediately, we spent a huge amount of time in skype, google talks, facebook, writing mails, etc., during 8 months, our feelings increased, then we met again. And we decided we would get into the club of those who are fucking crazy to have a long distance relationship. But you know what, that was the key for us to survive the time being apart, we both decided, and therefore we got committed with this.

Many people ask me how is that Edy and I made it, well pay attention *this will work in any relationship you want to be succesful*, for us there was no other choice, the possibility of failure never occupy a place in our minds, and more important neither in our hearts, and this thought remains until today.

When people found out about my relationship with this guy who was no longer in Rio, but in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, I could see the sympathy look of poor girl, I’m not lying even my relatives gave me that look, but when you love someone, and the most important the other person loves you back, patience, trust, respect, and commitment will lead to the day when you both are deciding to get a ticket plane that it’s only one way :).

Ana Baltazar

I exist in two places, here and where you are.

—Margaret Atwood


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