It’s one thing to make a picture of a person, it’s another thing to make one of your dog

I first started taking photos of our pets so I can always remember those moments shared with them. If you ever had a dog, you know all the great experiences they bring into your life. While I was studying photography (I am a visual person, looking at pictures makes me live everything again, even if its in my mind), I was doing a lot of portraits at school, and one day I asked myself, how would it be if I could do the same thing with dogs. So, Ana and I talked and we set up a “studio” in the living room.

Have you ever tried to take a picture of a dog? They always turn around in that last second before you click right? They always move, and you have to reframe the picture you want to make, if you are using studio lighting or speedlights on tripods, well that will make it even more difficult. Now, imagine you are in a session with a dog you are just getting to know,  sounds harder, specially if it is a dog who has no discipline at all, fortunately  every dog has this little thing that gets its attention, you just have to know what it is an work with that.

For you to get a good picture, believe me, it takes time, lots of patience, and you really, REALLY have to be a DOG LOVER, all these things made everything easier for me.

Sancho Appleby

So, I am sharing with you some stuffs you can use if you ever dare to get a portrait of a dog.
+ Get to know the dog before the session, dogs must know they can trust you;
+ Always bring something you know the dog likes, it can be anything, from food ( it always do the trick) to a toy it loves playing with, I would advise bringing both. That way you can get its attention;
+ Always, always have someone helping you, it can be an assistant, the owner of the dog or someone who likes dogs and wants to help;
+ Be prepared to be there playing with the dog for a LONG time, just in case it doesn’t feel like being photographed, well we can’t blame them;
+ Always have a positive vibe, so you don’t stress out the dog;


Remember, being around dogs, it supposed to be fun, so… enjoy, have fun, play with them and get dirty.

Edino Tavares Moniz


“If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.”

Woodrow Wilson (28th President of the United States)

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