“Está de poca Madre”

In Cape Verde mothers are sacred, well at least we think so, they are so sacred, that one of the worst insults you can tell someone involves their moms and might get you into a fight.

One of the funny things about Mexicans, is that they use the word mother for everything. Good or bad, kind of like the americans use the word fuck for everything, but don´t get confused, Mexicans also LOVE their mothers, and they are REALLY SACRED as well.

In the beginning, I used to get confused, not knowing if it was a good or bad thing, but then people explained to me that it depends on the word that comes before and also the situation. Mexicans curses so much (Remember Ana, she loves cursing) that all the bad words can either express joy or madness.

Let me share with you some uses I have learned about the word mother (Madre) in Mexico.

1 – Está de Poca Madre.
2 – A toda Madre.
This 2 sentences means it´s really really good, there are no words to describe it, so they use one of these 2.

3 – Que desmadre.
Something like – What a BIG mess.

4 – Chinga tu madre.
This is for when you are beyond upset with someone.

5 – Esa Madre.
To refer to something.

6 – Ni madres.
There is no Way, like saying – There is no way they are doing something.

7 – Darle en la Madre.
To hit someone.

8 – Se dio en la madre or Se partio la madre.
Someone had an accident.

9 – Sigues chingando con esa Madre?
When you are asking someone, if they are still bothered with something.

10 – Una Madriza.
A beating, really bad beating.

If you ever meet me and I use the word mother, for something, don´t get surprised.

Edino Tavares Moniz


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