An Incredible fear of flying.

“Fear is the final barrier between us and something amazing.”

Someone said that, and it has been stuck in my mind for weeks now. It started right before we travel to Akumal for a short vacation period. Believe it or not, it also helped me a lot to overcome a few of my fears, and yes, at the end I had one of the most spectacular experiences of my live so far *subject for another post*, so, it’s something I will continue to remind myself from now on before I do anything that makes me fear.

I really hope my father isn’t reading this, since he has been a commercial Airline pilot for more than 30 years, and a great pilot by the way.

Since I can remember I have always been afraid of flying. However let’s be honest, I do belive everyone is afraid that thing can fail, because none can fly, anyway as the years go by, it’s getting worst instead of getting better, and I don’t like taking pills, because they make me slow and I hate loosing control of my body. So what do I do? I always face my fear, well … in some way, let’s just say that my will to travel is stronger than my fear. If I had not crossed half the world, I would not be with Ana.


Let’s go back to the experience of flying to go to Akumal.

Ana wanted to get some days off work, so we could visit Akumal, since it was in our – Places in Mexico to visit before we leave – list, we surf the web and found a nice place, Akumal Natura (will be talking about it in another post) an amazing hotel in the middle of nature, and we booked the flight for April 30th, 2017. And that’s when it all started, the stress that gets me every time, before I fly somewhere.  This time was not that bad, I used to not be able to sleep, and I would get in a bad mood. This time I was almost a zensei mastering my fears. One week later, we got up, went to have breakfast with Ana’s parents, and headed to the airport for a 2:15 flight to Cancun, a flight that was too long even before it started.

After that, the take off, the turbulence, and a very long flight, we finally landed in Cancun, and the adrenaline kicked in as always does after landing.

In between, I could see an amazing sky and as a way of overcoming my fear of flying, I filmed the final approach and landing, let me tell you, the simple action of observing the landing gives me peace.



After many years of living with this fear, I know I still have a long way to go, but my advice is, if you have any fears, face them, don’t choose the easy way, you never know what is waiting on the other side.

“Don’t let fear of what could happen make nothing happen.”


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