In the mood for

In the mood for…

Everything I do, I do it better when listening to music. No matter what it is, studying, reading, relaxing and sometimes even sleeping, as a matter of fact, I have gotten so used to sleeping with music, that now I can’t sleep if I don’t listen to some New Age or meditation music(Ana always tell’s me it’s a bad thing to sleep with music, that my mind must completely rest, but… I almost never listen).

I used to listen mostly to Hip-Hop, until my good Friend Bruno Mendes from Rio de Janeiro taught me, that music was not only hip-hop, with him I learned how to enjoy some BB-King, Eric Clapton, Jazz and some Rock. Ana submerged me deeper in the rock world but it all started with Mr. Mendes. When I first moved in with Bruno and Felippe, Hip-Hop was 80% of my playlist, the other 20% was divided by some reggae, House Music and New Age. Spending time with Bruno, wasn’t all about the music, he also Educated me in the art of watching old movies and some pretty crazy Animes, Ghost in The Shell for example is still my favorite one until this day.

I think that because of Mr. Mendes, my taste for music will never be the same, because he would always criticise whatever I was listening, that made me think that maybe my taste for music wasn’t the best. And I have to tell you, he was right, I mean don’t get me wrong, I still love Hip-Hop and I still listen to it a lot, but at least now, I have a playlist with more genres other than hip-hop, and I can adapt it to a different state of mind and spirit.

I will be sharing, some musics from my playlist from time to time, depending on the mood of the day, thanks to Bruno, in some way a teacher in life.

B.B. King ft. Eric Clapton – Riding with the king.

Cafe tacvba – Puntos cardinales

The Avalanches – Because I’m Me


Hope you like them.

Edino Tavares Moniz


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