The most important thing is the growth, the journey.

As a Samurai I must strengthen my character. As a human being, I must perfect my spirit.
Yamaoka Tesshū

Ana and I use to talk about having or not having kids. It’s a difficult subject. Why? Well, we have not established yet, we don’t know where we are going to be tomorrow or next month.

Sometimes we feel like having them and I always tell Ana, that our kids (in case we have them) will at a very early age, or at least as soon as posible, do Martial Arts. Not to learn how to fight, that’s not the point here, but there are other skills to be developed.

+ Discipline;
+ Focus;
+ Respect;
+ Self Confidence;
+ Self Respect;
+ Courage;
+ Self Defense;

Believing in oneself, and believing they can achieve anything they put they mind to. That’s one of the greatest lessons our children can learn. And that’s something Martial arts can teach them, the younger the better.

Both Ana and I have practice Martial Arts, and both had a lot to gain from it, so we both agree that is something we want in our maybe future children.

In my case, even tough I was not always a good student, I have a lot of times lack the discipline to train really hard, I have learned a few things to help me to the day by day, even though I always think I can do better, much better if I resume my practice.
As for kids, we both think it can help them the same way it has helped us and more, so we agree that it’s a good think. We live in a more and more competitive society and the children have to be ready to know how to deal with all that competition, without getting frustrated.

That’s not really important, the most important thing is the growth, the journey.


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