For Whom The Bell Tolls

“Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.” —Dean Koontz (author, Whispers)

Awesome people of the web!, how are you doing, it’s Monday again, and us, the Zenseis of living are back to share with you our posts.

Regarding the title of today’s post, just by reading it, it gives me a lot of memories, from those who have left my side, and left me with a broken heart. Just don’t get confused, I’m talking about my pets, my gone pets. Yes, because I love them and they loved me back, and it was heartbreaking losing them. I still feel their absence, but their memory remains in my mind and my heart.

I know a lot of people don’t understand the pain of pet lovers when their pet passes away, but it’s not about understanding, actually every person goes through the loss of a loved one in different ways (no matter if it’s the loss of a human or an animal, or even a beloved thing). Let’s focus on our pets. I mean my pets, since I don’t know yours, but I guess are awesome. 🙂

When I was little, we had a little dog, however I only have some images, and some pictures of it. Those pictures show a unique dog, and I love him. When he suffered an accident, and passed away are not part of my memories. I was very little.

Then when I was 10, my dad bought us a little beagle, we called him REX, he was a very spoiled dog, then an uncle gave us the female beagle, we named her Perla, she was so smart, so gentle, such a lady. She loved food, well at the end she was a beagle. After some years Perla had cancer so, we had to decide in a moment to end her suffering, it was hard, it was painful, but we did not want her suffering, we told her how much we loved her and we buried her, Rex was standing there along with mom, my brother and I, she was really loved.

Perla inside her home

Then, a couple of years later, Rex had a twisted stomach, by that time there were not so many vets around my town, so by the time we found a vet that wanted to see my lovely Rex *it was around 10pm*, and he got to meet us, Rex had passed away in my arms. Damn that time we cried so bad, because, we loved him so much, he got lost, we suffered, we got it back, then Perla came, they got puppies, then my parents went through a divorce, and he was always there 🙂 . We still have his picture in our living room. At the end he is the king 😛


Then I got guinea pigs, I loved them, they are so unique, and it their way they show you love 🙂 all of them were loved 🙂 the last one, Brownie, she lived almost 6 years, and she also died in my arms, she was kind of waiting for me to go, I was on a travel and 2 days later she passed away. I cried so bad. My guinea pigs stayed in my room, they were my roomies 🙂


So, I have many pets for whom the bell tolls, all of them are still loved, and the stuffs each one thought me are always with me. If you have a pet, I hope you can relate with this post. Share your comments and pictures with us, about your pets.

Ana Baltazar

“Dog is God”


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