Day 1 of our travel to Akumal

Our beloved zenseis of living from the web!, nice name for you, right?, today we are sharing with you our first video!
This video shows our first day, in Akumal, well actually it was the second, but the first day we just got to Akumal and visited the beach at night, and spent the night at the hotel.

The second day, that it was May 1st, and it was Monday, we went to the beach looking forward to swimming with turtles. However, the turtles did not appear, and I got sad 😦 but that did not stop us to continue our adventure time. I decided that Edy had to go to Tulum, and that’s where we went. This place is amazing because the Maya ruins are just above the hills and the beach is right there.
Then we went to have lunch to Tulum, I had a burrito and Edy a hamburguer. We were starving for our early time spent at the sea. Later we went to Playa del Carmen to find out that it has changed so much since 2014 that we went. Well, ces’t la vie, changes are everywhere. We hope you love the video that Edy edited for you 🙂


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