Day 2 in Akumal…. We did it!

Well, you never really know, but when they know, you know, y’know? – Crush *Finding Nemo*

Happy Thursday Zenseis of living from the web, did you see the video posted yesterday, if you did not, please proceed to watch it 🙂

After the day 1, I was completely decided to swim with turtles even if that meant to pay for the tour, and since Edy was having second thoughts, the tour was a great idea, since Edy felt more secured and did not hesitate at all. Well, the 2nd day was totally awesome, first Edy had the chance to meet an old friend from Rio de Janeiro, he met him in the Hard Rock Hotel, I admit it, I almost cried by the joyful moment of those two grown up men meeting again. I could see how much they love each other. Those moments are the ones that matter the most.
Edy’s friend and his newly wife joined us in the seeking of the mighty turtles. We met the guide at the Akumal beach, he gave us the lifeguard vest since it’s a requirement and the equipment for snorkeling, and we entered into the water. I just can say I FUCKING loved it! every second of it, since the first sight of the turtles at the bottom having their food, the peace, the joy, the calm, the time one of the turtles got so closed to me, I felt so happy, we did it!, we had the amazing opportunity of swimming with the wild in their environment, the proper authorities are working really hard in order to protect the turtles from us the humans, so if you ever go please follow the instructions.
Just by watching the video it takes me to that moment again. Turtles rock! by the way yesterday May 23rd, was the world turtle day!!!



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