Die another day

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
-Theodore Roosevelt

I’ve had a very exhausting week, next May 31st, it will be my last day at the office, so I’ve been very busy trying to complete as much as possible, but I do believe that pending lists are forever, they have no fucking end!!!.

Today I have a story about life to share with you, this story is not about me, in fact is a mix of stories, however all of them are real. The main character in my story is a she, and I have named her Luna.

Luna is the 2nd of 4 daughters, she was 16 years old when something happened, she started to feel tired, her appetite decreased, she had a lot of headaches, stomaches, etc. When she was 17 her life changed, she was diagnosed with a very aggressive type of cancer. As you might imagine, Luna’s family was put through hell, the expensive treatments, the consequences of the treatments (cancer is a disease that requires to attack the whole body to get it better), all the money spent in any treatment that provided hope, a little more of time, the changes in the mood between them was a constant, those diseases are hell. There was a moment when the family felt like the end was near, and sadly the end was the dead of Luna.
However, Luna after 2 years fighting was not ready at all to leave her life, she never gave up. She was the light, the hope in the family, she was the one facing death and she was the one comforting the rest of the family. And, she is a survivor, she hold to her life and surprised all the doctors that honestly were not optimistic.

Today Luna is around 30, she is a mom now, a happy wife, an expert in her profession, and damn, what a human being. She learned that life is not a sure thing, that one day your life can be put upside down, that no matter how scared you are, you must do something, you must fight, this is your life, neither your mom, nor sisters, nor father, nor friends, none of them are going to fight for your, sometimes no matter how much they love you, they are going to be the ones pulling you down, but that’s ok, because you can get up, the problem is when you are the one keeping you down.
Adversity takes either the best or worst of each one of us, please be wise and be the best of you, fight your demons, and master them.

So, as I told you, Luna does not exist, but there are more than one woman that inspired this story, sadly not all of them survived, however they fought until their last breath, and they went in peace.

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. – Mae West


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