Please, do not feed the fears

“We grow fearless by walking into our fears” – Robin Sharma

Once again live before you philosophize, remember?

Why am I bringing this? I have always defended the idea that everyone is innocent, until proven otherwise. In this case, don’t listen to everything you hear about a place, of course I am not telling you to just go everywhere thinking everything that is said about it are wrong, specially bad things.

So, last week, one of Ana’s co-workers, wanted to hire me to do a photo shooting for her and her family, dogs included, so far so good, until I found out, the session would be in this really beautiful place, I had never been before and really wanted to go, except I was really afraid specially of taking my new camera, because of all the stories I had heard about. Mostly horror stories – there is a whole blog about it – about people being kidnaped, armed robberies, rapping, the local people being bad or mean to people if you didn’t pay for a horse ride, etc etc. So you can imagine how I felt in a Dilema, when she told me it would be there, in La Marquesa. She told me, after Ana told her I was having second thoughts, for me not to worry and not believe the stories, and that she was also going to take her war dogs for protection. Well based on that I decided to put the fears away and give it a try. We woke up really early for a Sunday, at 6:30 A.M. and prepared for the adventure. We got to La Marquesa around 9 A.M. and started unpacking and scouting the area. After we started the shooting, I didn’t even remember my worries anymore, and we ended up having an amazing day, had some amazing breakfast, some really big tacos, and some sopes, and a really good Olla Coffee. After that I had an encounter with a horseman and his sons, they had like 5 to 6 horses with them and I had a really nice conversation with them and they even allowed me to take a picture of them.

In the end, I talked to people about my worries and they end up telling me, that they do rob in some part, like everywhere in the world, but as long as you stay away from the woods, that there is no risk at all.

So, La Marquesa, definitely a place I would indicate to everybody to go for a visit, take some precautions like everywhere, but don’t be afraid because of the stuffs you hear or read, they are probably from people that have been robbed one, and got afraid, or people who just heard stories and start spreading them.

Soon, I will show you some photos of the war dogs.


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