I don’t like the Beatles….

Today, I am telling you about things I certainly do not like at all, and don’t take me wrong, I won’t judge you by your music, movie, book taste, this is a free world.

So yes I DO NOT LIKE THE BEATLES, yes I know they are important in the music history, however I DO NOT LIKE THE BEATLES.

So I will share a list of other things I do not like, and trust me the order is not important.

1. U2, I don’t like U2 either….
2. Fish, fish are friends not food
3. Mosquitos, they apparently love me 😦
4. Pepsi, I don’t like pepsi
5. Smoke, specially bus smoke, or the most common cigarette smoke, and the smell of people after smoking, diagh.
6. That Nick Minaj is dating Nas, not a fan at all.
7. That the “salsa”for my taco is not hot enough
8. Kids kicking my seat in the movies or airplanes, but specially those kid’s parents
9. People who don’t love pets
10. Reggeaton
11. When the dog does not survive neither in the movie nor the book
12. Fake people *what’s wrong with showing that you don’t like someone, it’s simple math, you can’t like everyone*
13. Taxes and the people who don’t pay them
14. Mexican Social Security
15. Politics in the whole world
16. The lack of empathy in this world
17. That I’m not a billionaire… yet 🙂
18. That I can’t make my dad’s team win
19. That I can’t read minds
20. That comics movies are not faithful *I’m still pissed off about the Batman vs Superman movie*
21. That I can’t learn things like in the matrix
22. That I can’t fight like those in the matrix
23. That Edy’s favorite shows get cancelled
24. Traffic
25. Rain + traffic
26. When Edy ignores me for soccer, or his cellphone, or his camera, jejeje.
27. Getting mad at Edy
28. When I have to say I TOLD YOU SO.
29. That life goes so fast!
30. That people can sell their integrity for nothing 😦

So, that’s a modest list, I tried to keep it short. 🙂

But don’t get me wrong, I have a bigger list for those thinks I like.

Tomorrow is my last day at work!!, and that’s something I’m Loving It.

Ana Baltazar


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