A new beginning

“Endings are not always a bad thing, it just means that something new can begin.”

3 years ago, when I decided to leave Cabo Verde, I wasn’t sure, how long my adventure in Mexico would be, I mean, I came prepared for whatever, be here for a few weeks, months, or even for years. It was a new beginning for me and for Ana. We had been trough some really ruff times and it was going to be the last test. 3 years later, we are here, happily married, had some ups and downs like every normal couple, we talk a lot, way more than we did it in the beginning, and that is the key.

Now, we are about to go on a new journey 2 months from now. Our time here is over for now, we don’t know if we will come back to live, but we know this might be the end of a cycle in our lives. This last days, we’ve been feeling kind of anxious, specially Ana since this is the first time, she will be leaving home to live away from Mexico, far from her family and comfort zone and this is a new experience for her. We have been talking a lot about it, I try to pass my experience to her, but it’s a very different thing to tell someone about something, than it is for the person to actually live the experience, so I am thinking that this is something, that even tough I can talk to her about it, she will have to live it and overcome all the fears by herself, of course, I will always be by her side through the journey.

So tomorrow is her last day at the office, she resigned a few weeks ago, and she is having a mixed feelings, fear, anxious, happiness, joy and all at the same time, so you can imagine how is her head, sometimes she feels like crying thinking of mom Estela, that after we depart we will only be seeing her again in 6 months maybe, sometimes she seems really happy because she is finally done with getting up at 5 A.M. so she can get to work early because if she doesn’t, she would never get to work in time and also, because she can use the 4 lost hours in a day in better use, spending time with the Lula and Hobbit, with mom, la abuelita and also with me of course (she can’t stay away from me for long lol).

Anyway, tomorrow we officially start countdown for the last 60 days in Mexican soil for this year, and is also Ana’s last day at La Torre, I am going to meet her so we celebrate big time.

A new Beginning.


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