Hasta la vista… baby

“The two hardest things to say in life are hello for the first time and goodbye for the last.”
Moira Rogers

As Edy mentioned, yesterday was my last day at work *What am I going to do with those almost 60 hours from my week that I used to dedicate to work, suggestions are welcomed*.
I do have a mix of feelings regarding the events approaching in our agenda, right now I feel like it does not matter because there are lots of stuffs to get done first. Today, I want to share how hard was for me to leave the office.

First, you need to know *well you don’t need, but I will let you know either way* that my 1st job was less difficult to walk out of it, I mean I was the only person in the department, and I really did not socialize a lot there. So, saying bye was easy and to be honest, the bye was not warm with the human resources department, it was like I was betraying them, come on, I know I am disposable, we all are in this “job thing”.

So, in this recent job I encountered the unbearable obligation of interacting with the rest of my coworkers jajaja, well not because they were unbearable but jajaja I mean, I am an introvert. It was complicated for me to go from being the only person in the department to be part of department of almost 13 persons, and I say almost 13 because I don’t remember how many we were, not because there were an almost person working 😛

After 2 years and a half, I got to meet amazing people, and I got to build strong friendships, I mean I even got invited to a wedding!!! jejeje *This is for me a life goal, jajaja*
I learned a lot from all the people I got the opportunity to interact with, and I’m not saying just in the professional area, I’m an observer, all of them thought me something really important, such as perspective, gratitude, humbleness, happiness, honesty, love, loyalty, strength, dos and don’ts, to mention some.
I just can’t express how much I’m thankful for meeting all them, it was not hard to say see you soon, keep in contact, bye, etc, but it was nostalgic, because I did feel the appreciation towards me, beside my dark, acid, sarcastic humor, which is free :).

Before I left for good the 8th floor to go to Human Resources *by the way they did not make me feel bad about leaving, thanks!*, I shared with some of my coworkers some words, that I do want to tell you as well.

In this world you can break, you can fall, you can stop and start all over again the times you need, you can cry, you can get mad, you can curse, you can yell, you can get depressed, but it’s not allowed to abandon yourself, and stop deciding your life. Take the time to go back on your feet or your senses, and face the blessed life you have.

Ana Baltazar

“Man’s feelings are always purest and most glowing in the hour of meeting and of farewell.”
Jean Paul Richter


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