Ladies and gentlemen the winner is….

“Courage is found in unlikely places.” – J. R. R. Tolkien

When Edy came to Mexico, I knew that eventually the idea to move out from Mexico would come to hunt us, jajaja, yes like Michael Myers, and since he was studying Photography the idea was there waiting until he conquered that dream. So, he did, and last year we decided that in 2017 we would leave, we would move out of the country. It was hard for me to express that plan to my parents, but they both were supportive and encouraging, they advised us to plan it well, to prepare for it, and we did.

However, when we told them about our plans we had at least 10 cities in our list, and we changed it constantly, jajaja one city crossed it out alone, London… damn Brexit.

London, was probably Ana´s favourite place in Europe, but unfortunately we don´t know how are they going to work their problems out, so we put that dream on pause. For now it´s Hamburg, Germany. The good thing, we have family there, ready to support us. The bad thing, we don´t speak a word of german, well, maybe one or two, but nothing that can really help us, lol, but that is something for future Ana and Edino to worry about.

When we get there, the first thing to do, is to go to the migration and take care of Ana´s papers, then the search for a job (nop, we do not have a job yet, total adventure), and also get to know the place, specially since we are going to see if we like it ther and adapt to the city, so the sooner we get to know the place the better.

It will be a matter of time, for us to know, if we are sticking around there, or if we will go somewhere else.

Edino and Ana


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