Ana’s first week home was really different in a positive good way. This weekend we didn’t do much, we spent time with the family, on Friday we woke up early to go out with mom, aunts Lulu and Eloisa and the dogs to walk out near a nice “park”.
It had been a really long time since we had done that, specially since Ana always left early for work and Saturdays was the only day we could actually wake up a little bit later than 5 A.M..

On Saturday I was feeling kind of lazy, since I didn’t get much sleep so I didn’t go walk with them so I could sleep a little bit longer. In the afternoon there was the big game, The Champions League Final between Juventus and Real Madrid, so me and Ana’s brother, we went to some cousins home to reunite with more cousins to watch it, since there was the Ley Seca (Dry Law) implementation, in which selling of alcohol was not allowed in the State of Mexico, due to the elections on Sunday, we had to get the beers the day before, a cousin took care of it, because football and beer goes together.

Sunday, was the day we went to visit Ana’s grandpa’s grave. Almost the entire family was there, since it was his death’s anniversary so we had a picnic around also. It’s something they do in Mexico, this is actually kind of weird in Cabo Verde, but here they love their loved ones who passed away, they even celebrate them in November.

So later we decided to just watch Netflix, we watched a couple of movies, started another one, but it was too boring for Ana lol. Law Abiding Citizen, Elysium and the other one was Into the Forest, we didn’t actually finish the last one. We finished watching the movie Elysium for the first time. I mean, I have tried watching it before, but never passed through the first 30 minutes. This time we went all the way to the final. Well, it was going really good, until Hollywood – like most movies we have been watching lately – ruined the final parts, also the ending of Law Abiding Citizen wasn’t really good, we actually think that not all stories must have a happy ending and they should start doing more movies closer to reality. Going back to the movies we watched they were not that bad, but they could have been better.

Tomorrow we are starting the final weeks of preparations, doing pending stuffs, going through our Before We Leave To-Do List so we don’t leave anything to the last days. We are feeling the time passing so fast, and we are still trying to leave things for later, sad but true, later is now.


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