At the end he adopted a family

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”
― Karen Davison

As you may remember in our home there are three awesome dogs, a German Shepherd *Dingo*, a Beagle *Lula, the only female* and a Stray Dog *Hobbit*, today I’m telling you about him, my beloved Hobbit.

It was the year of 2012, around January that a little black dog appeared around the house, it called my attention because of the way it walked, like a horse, an elegant horse, it used to appeared around mid day, and at nights it slept crossing the street of our home. Luckily for this cute dog, I have a good heart *yes, I do*, so I started telling my mom that I would let him in, my mom would always said no, we had already Dingo and Lula, and to be honest she is the one that looks after them, so of course she did not want one more dog, however one day, after a rainy day and looking through the window how this little friend was sad and with no shelter, I decided that once again I would not listen to my mom 🙂

The next day, I did my first approach to him, I put water and food and left it there where he spent the night, he was scared, and he did not let me get closer so I just let the cans there and walked away. The next day, I decided I would let him in our home 😛 so, when my mom noticed there was another dog inside the house, she was not as mad as I expected, my little new friend was scared and did not trust us, so he barked during the night, Dingo was not happy that another “macho” was there, jajaja but I could not care less. I had the feeling that I was doing the right thing, so the next day, I took him to the vet, to get him sterilized, vaccinated, and well showered, he had its hair with dreadlocks already.

I went on vacation immediately, so my mom helped me with the after, I told her I would find a home for him, that it would not stay there, and let me tell you, I did look for a home, I even requested support to my friends, however, my little friend had other plans in its head, and he fought to earn the love of each member at home, specially mom’s. One day, I decided its name would be Hobbit, because he is so gentle, so respectful, so grateful, he is perfect 🙂

Lula accepted him quickly, they become partners, now they share the space where they sleep, they go out to walk out together; Dingo on the other hand was not so easy, it took a couple of months to get them in the same space without Dingo barking at Hobbit, but one day, we caught them playing a little bit.



At the beginning Hobbit would not go out to walk out, I don’t know what suffering it suffered since he is scared from a lot of stuffs, and it used to steal the cheese and tortillas, jajaja, it kept them at its house, I believe because he was not sure when he will be fed again *damn, just by remembering I want to cry*.

Hobbit at the end adopted us, and thought us a lot about being grateful, loyal, and that abandoned dogs are full of love, so if you ever have the opportunity to adopt a dog or you can get a stray dog a home just do it, it’s so worth. Just remember, that it’s not easy, you must be patient, and kind with them, they have gone through a bad experience with humans, and it’s your job to prove them that we are not as their previous “family”. Give them love and they will give you back more than that. 🙂

“The job of a good dog was ultimately to be with them, remaining by their sides no matter what course their lives might take. All I could do now was offer him comfort, the assurance that as he left this life he was not alone but rather was tended by the dog who loved him more than anything in the whole world.”
― W. Bruce Cameron, A Dog’s Purpose


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