The ingredients? Some wine and lots of love.

So, these last days, Ana and I, have been cooking together a lot, since usually would be her mom doing the cooking, now that she is home, we are taking the time to try new stuffs. We have tried a few different foods for the first time. Chicken with orange sauce, a few days ago we made an amazing experience with a burrito bowl, nham nham, today it was something easier since it was some meatballs.

It’s not the first time we have cooked together, but it is always an amazing experience, and also because we get to play a lot while we do it. Me trying to try the food, she hitting my hand, going out to buy stuffs that we forgot and trying so many times the food and eating chips, than by the time it’s actually time to eat we are half full.

Cooking together is like meditating, you get the chance to know a little bit more about the person you spend your days with and also about you, to do experiments with different flavours and also to enjoy and have a great time while you do it.

“Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art.”


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