How people give a fuck about other people

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. – Somebody

So life has tested my patience many times, in front of the house there is a “food bussiness”and the people who own it, believe that since they have “money and influences” they can do whatever they want.

They get early in the morning giving a fuck about other people sleeping, and start doing noise, they put their music so high, the people who come to eat there, they park in front of other peoples car’s entrance, and they get upset, and the clients insult the neighbors, and of course the owners give more fucks regarding this.

There are a few of them that after working hours start drinking on the street, making noise, and fighting, the sad thing is that cops give a fuck also, because apparently one of them is the son of a woman police.

I’m really upset, because I could not care less about their life, their business, but come on, you have to respect other people’s life, you can’t not care about others, that shows education, kindness!!!

That is not zen at all. That is the things I will not miss from home, the sad part is my family has to deal with that. I just hope that one day they realize about their lack of empathy towards the rest.


Ana Baltazar


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