La Maquina

La Maquina (The Machine) , is one of the main Mexican football team Cruz Azul’s nickname. I had no idea why they had that name, I confess I even thought the nickname was because they were in times such a great team, that the name stuck. Well, I was wrong, but first things first, the name Cruz Azul came from the Cemento Cruz Azul giant, the main cement company in the Country. La Maquina, is the name of the train that used to transport the cement to different cities across Mexico, and people started calling Cruz Azul(the team) La Maquina, because in the 70’s they used to play an extremely offensive type of football and was often known for crushing other teams.

Anyway this weekend, Ana’s friend invited us to her house, in the Hidalgo state. I had no idea where it was, till we got there and got a huge surprise. First we went to eat breakfast, I mean, super breakfast since it was Barbacoa, a typical food from Mexico. After that her father started telling us the story about the little town.
The town was built by the Cementera Cruz Azul, so it got it’s name, Ciudad Coperativa Cruz Azul, and everything in the city or almost every business is related to the big company. The super market, restaurants, the theater, the convenience store by the Gaz Station, the Hospital. Also most people in town work for them.

Since Itzel’s father works for the company, he also had access to the old Cruz Azul stadium, so we went to visit and got access to almost every part of it. That is also when we got to see the old train.


In the end, we also made some really special friends. 😉

Well, will leave a few pictures so you can see and also know a little bit more of the Cruz Azul group, since I had no idea they were that important and had an entire city with their name.


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