Guilty pleasures

Guilty as charged

Today I am opening to you people, previously I shared with you a list of things I don’t like at all, now I am sharing my guilty pleasures, because, we all have them.

So, please don’t judge me, because remember I’m not judging you…

1. Hanson… yes I love them, since Mmmmbop became a 90’s hit. I even went to a concert here in Mexico, my dad took me by the way, since mom was working. Good bonding time jajaja, I still remember my dad’s face.
2. N’sync, yes again, but here I will add to 5ive (British accent, sigh!), and Westlife.

3. Girly movies, my favorite right now is Chalet girl, babes!

That leads us to tv shows, I have so many!
4. Felicity
5. Dawson’s creek
6. Gilmore Girls
7. The O.C.
8. First seasons of America’s Next Top Model

Back to the movies
9. Sharknado… well I admit it!, all shark movies, no matter how insane and stupid they might be
10. Keeping up with … nop no the reality tv show, but all the gossips from Hollywood, this I do it, by surfing in the gossips webpages such as TMZ, E news, Yahoo… jajaja
11. Enjoy when mom and dad give me money!!!!!! or my grandma!!! jaja yes I’m 31, and sadly is not that often anymore….
12. I do like some old Mexican Movies 😛
13. Give a piece of an advice that I did not follow…

So those are some of my guilty pleasures, but I think that’s enough for today!!

Enjoy your day and remember to end it with your favorite guilty pleasure (as long as it’s not illegal)

Ana Baltazar


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