Señoras y señores, Cafe Tacvba

“La vida es un gran baile y el mundo es un salon”
– Cafe Tacvba


It was in 2014, when I had the chance to go to my first concert with Ana. Her favourite band was going to be back in town and Ana would never let the chance go. Cafe Tacvba, remember that name, I did, and didn’t regret it.

When I first started talking to Ana via chat and video, we would always share music we loved and of course, one of the bands she shared with me was Cafe Tacvba. I liked the musics but didn’t really got to love them, till I came to Mexico and started listening to them in a daily basis. Yes, Ana loves them so much, she listens to them every day.

So I started listening with more attention until I had the chance to go on the concert with Ana. Like Barney Stintson says, “It was, wait for it … LEGENDARY”. One of the best concerts I have been to in my entire life.

Am living you here a few of my top Cafe Tacvba songs, (not in any order, it all depends on the mood), I could leave the entire collection, then I tought about a list of 10, but I couldn’t leave none of this out, so enjoy.

Olita del Altamar


Volver a Comenzar

Esta vez

María – The first song Ana showed me

Las Batallas

Puntos Cardinales – My all time favourite

Ojala que Llueva Café

La Locomotora

Chilanga Banda

La chica Banda ( This one is genius)

Las Flores

Como te extraño


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