Last month

“Any distraction, tends to get in the way of being an effective Gangster.” – Terence Winter

One weak less for travel day.

It has been a really long week that ended with the IELTS exam on Saturday. Well the IELTS exam preparations started way before, but this past week was more intense since we were doing exercises from the oficial page, youtube and any other places we could find on internet, to be honest Ana more than me, I can’t concentrate more than 2 or 3 hours studying a day on any subject, I just get bored and my mind starts going some place else.

We are closer to our departure day and one of the things on our list – the Before We Leave To-Do List – was the IELTS. We had the test scheduled since like 2 months ago, but we only started studying seriously like a few weeks ago, so last week we had to intensify the rhythm in which we were doing it. In order to have no distractions, I also decided to try something that have been on my mind for a while now, logging off facebook. Today is Day 7 with no facebook, and I can tell you the I am doing preeeety good without it.
The first 2 days where the most difficult ones, it’s when I realized I was an addict. Yes I said it, I am an facebook addict, but that is going to change. After like 4 to 5 days, you start realizing your days get more productive. Even though there are still other distractions, the IELTS came in a good time, since it gave me some other perspective and I was needing it. I am staying out of facebook for as long as I need, and after I decide to go back, I also decided it will only be to read and leave messages to some friends and to share something on my Fan Page.

On Wednesday we had the Oral exam in Polanco, we were kind of nervous, but in the end it was more relaxed than we tough. In the end we both did good, at least we think we did.

Saturday was the big day, we had to wake up really early, so we could get to la Ibero before 8AM. During the Uber ride, we noticed our driver was in a terrible mood, so we didn’t try to make any conversation and just tried to relax before the exam.

After 4 hours we were finally done and while there I made a new friend. A Computer engineer from India, I met before the exam.

After that, we went to some friend’s house for lunch with more friends and of course lots of beers, kind of a farewell meeting, since we don’t know if we will be meeting them before we leave, and with only a few weeks left and lots of things to do, it’s good we did it this weekend.


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