The sleep walker

I have to confess, I have gotten unused to getting up really early, specially to exercise.

As I told you before, We have been waking up really early to go and walk with Ana’s mom and the dogs.

We are sleeping later than usual, after 10 PM but waking up around 6:30 AM, and I think that’s not quite enough for me sometimes, specially because I have trouble sleeping at night. When we leave, I am still sleeping, so I kind of just let the dogs drag me all the way to la Hoja or until I really wake up. Sometimes I feel like am in the Walking Dead series, with my feet barely leaving the ground while walking.

Next week, we agreed to wake up, even earlier, like 30 minutes earlier than we are already waking up, so we can do a little exercise before we leave, well that’s going to be interesting. I think I have to shower or take like 2 cups of coffee first or I will be training like a walker. Even tough sometimes I wake up feeling like not getting out of the bed, I still do it. Why? Because I need to. I need to focus, I need to become more disciplined, I need to succeed.

When I survive and succeed I will let you know.

Edino Moniz


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