The last one

This weekend I probably did my last job in Mexico.

With the final months before we depart, I didn’t want to do much, since I would’t have time to deliver any jobs I took, therefore I cancel my subscription to the wedding page so I wouldn’t get any more requests for weddings, stopped accepting the ones that came to me a few months ago that where going to take place after July the 15th.

It was my second time shooting a baptism, only the first time I was way too unexperienced in photography and I didn’t like the results. This time tough it was a really different story, 3 years more experience, super new camera, way less shyness so the results were amazing and since we still have lots of stuffs to do on weekdays, and we are going to travel next weekend, I decided to take the weekend and work on them since I wouldn’t have much work to do on them.

I won’t be able to post much since it was a child baptism and I don’t encourage putting child pictures on the web for various reasons, specially without the parents consent.

After little more than 3 years in Mexico, lots of study time, studio sessions, pet sessions, a few weddings, I now feel I am more prepared today than I was when I got here, I know my work is done here.

 Bautizo (60 de 153)


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