Today is a very important day in my career.

A couple months ago, I got a proposal from a new art institute in Mexico that is about to start, to be part of the team who will be doing online courses.

I had the opportunity to meet one of the heads of the projects, a psychology teacher who is also an artist and after a few meetings, he saw some of my personal work and projects in photography, talked to me about his project and made me the invitation to be part of the project with some contributions. So today we have one of the last meetings before we start to film and I am super anxious. For some reasons, I have never worked as a teacher and never thought that I would been working as one soon. Of course I always had the idea that someday in the future, maybe a near future be doing that in some part time, but I would never have expected the opportunity to come so soon.

I will be offering them a few proposals and see where can we start, all in the Analog area of photography, since I feel it’s a strong area for me and it is also something they are looking for, something different than teaching people how to use they digital camera.

They also want me to do a video and talk about how I go out and do street photography, all the process, how I choose places, how I shoot my subjects and more important how I do it on my own style.

As I said this is a huge chance for me, some opportunities come once in a life time and I intend to give all of me in order to grab this one.

Edino Tavares Moniz


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