I know, I am a dreamer

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

My mom always used to tell me I live in the moon.

Why? I was always in a place physically but my mind was always somewhere else. Sometimes creating stories in my mind, or sometimes just overthinking something.

As a kid, I would have lots of problems because of that, because I didn’t quite understand why I would do so . To make things worst in Cape Verde people wouldn’t pay much attention to that and one of the problems that would come along with that in school when I had low grades in subjects that wouldn’t interest me. Why? Because anytime something didn’t interest me, I wouldn’t give it too much attention and most teachers in Cape Verde, didn’t have the patience or knowledge to deal with kids like me. To tell the truth I think the only person who had the patience to really sit down with me for hours and explain me some stuffs, was my mom. Only after many years I understood why people didn’t have the patience, why my mind travels and can’t focus on even easy stuffs and why my mom was so patient whit me, other than being my mom of course.

I still can’t focus on some stuffs or loose attention really fast, when something simple doesn’t interest me, as simple as that. I am a really simple person, but if something it’s not interesting I just have to do something else and if for some reason I keep pushing, like if I am at school, in a conference, or reading a book that is not really good, is like I have a defense mechanism, that before I know it, just sends my mind somewhere else.

On the other side, when I find something I really love, I can’t take my mind of it, I dream of it, even when I am awake, on the bus, I create stories about it in my mind. Lot’s of times Ana tell me I have to dream but also write everything down and take action on it. All our dreams, can become reality, but only if we take actions.

Dreaming is good, but it is better if you take actions. Write everything that comes into your mind, prioritise tasks, plan your moves and all your dreams will come true. You will have disappointments along the way, but no worries, if you fall 10 times, get up 11.


Edino Moniz




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