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Welcome to our blog, Zenseis of Living!! (We have cookies just like in the Dark Side)
Get it? Zenseis ūüôā we just love the name, and we love this project.
Edy is from Cape Verde Islands, from Praia, a part of the world that not many are aware of (don’t feel bad if you are googling it right now); ¬†I’m Ana and I am from Mexico, exactly from la Gran Tenochtitlan better known as Mexico city.
We are partners in life, in good and in bad, at first sight we look very different, but in soul not that much, we challenge each other, and we have grown together as a couple and as individuals since day 1.
We met in one of the most known cities in the world, the beautiful Rio de Janeiro; I was there on vacation, and he was living there, our life crossed in a party of some common friends.
Edy is a people person, easy going, ¬†kind, lover of photography, and soccer, I always say¬†he is a Jedi. On the other side, I am much more reserved, my humor is darker, ¬†I’m like Dr. House, brutally honest and I do not follow soccer, I call myself ¬†a Sith, I think I would make proud Darth Vader.
This blog is about our journey through our  life, conquering our fears and achieving our biggest dreams , living day-by-day and sharing it with those who can identify with our lifestyle.
Become zen, reach your nirvana.
Edy and Ana

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