Queretaro, one last time this year

Our last weekend in Queretaro this year.

On Thursday, we traveled to Queretaro, a city in the State of … Queretaro, yes, it’s something Mexico has, lots of cities with the names of the state. We went to see Ana’s family, by her dad’s side. We got there right before lunch, which was perfect timing if you ask me, and avoided lots of traffic since a little bit latter it would have been rush our and we are not vey fond of rush hours in big cities. Continue reading “Queretaro, one last time this year”


The sleep walker

I have to confess, I have gotten unused to getting up really early, specially to exercise.

As I told you before, We have been waking up really early to go and walk with Ana’s mom and the dogs.
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It’s one thing to make a picture of a person, it’s another thing to make one of your dog

I first started taking photos of our pets so I can always remember those moments shared with them. If you ever had a dog, you know all the great experiences they bring into your life. While I was studying photography (I am a visual person, looking at pictures makes me live everything again, even if its in my mind), I was doing a lot of portraits at school, and one day I asked myself, how would it be if I could do the same thing with dogs. So, Ana and I talked and we set up a “studio” in the living room.
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The 9 things I have learned from my beagle.

Lula is our 7 year old female beagle, and since I first came to her life, she accepted me as part of her herd. Let me tell you we have 3 dogs and i have learned a lot from them, but today I am going to tell you a few stuffs I have learned from Lula The Beagle. Watching her and spending time with her, has led me to realize we as humans have a lot to learn from any dog.
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