Hamburg vs Manchester .. 2nd part

Where is the culture of cleanliness?

So… yes, Hamburg is cleaner than Manchester, the streets we have walked around so far are not rubish free… and sadly we also see that in a restaurant we entered to have some coffee, tables with dirty plates 😦 and nobody around to clean them for at least 15 minutes.

We miss the super clean Hamburg, yes, we got used to that. Of course we found garbage in Germany but it was weird.

But don’t get scared. It is not a dirty place, but Hamburg is less dirty hahahaha.

Today, we had the chance to go to downtown and walked around, we found ourselves once again with a city that has a known air for us. We feel like we know our way around. Don’t forget that we lived in a bigger, dirtier, more chaotic and little bit more dangerous for years, as I said before my hometown trained me really well.

Ana Baltazar

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